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CATHAY INDUSTRIES’ Bone Black 6 is truly a unique pigment. Bone Black is one of the “jettest” or “bluest” black pigments on the market, allowing color designers to obtain a truly “black” black in many specialized niches. It also is more compatible in water-based coatings systems. Pigment loading of Bone Black 6 can easily be controlled to achieve a specific gray color shade compared with that of carbon black.


CATHAYCOLOR™ is a trade mark of organic pigments provided by CATHAY INDUSTRIES. It is a wide range of classic and high performance organic pigments from manufacturing joint venture partners in China. From azo yellows and phthalo blues to DPP reds and quinacrodone violets, CATHAY INDUSTRIES offers the full spectrum of grades to satisfy your color and performance requirements across a broad range of end applications including coatings, inks, plastics and rubber.

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CATHAY INDUSTRIES is a global manufacturer and supplier of complete colors solutions. we have become one of the top three manufacturers of synthetic iron oxide and have diversified our products to a complete range of pigments and raw materials.

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